No-one knows Commercial like we do

Whether you're selling or leasing a commercial property, Cayzer are the experts. We're a close-knit, high-performing team with decades of experience. We operate our commercial services right across Melbourne. And we get the results every time.

Here’s a word or two from our Commercial clients

"Big shout out to Tim Ward and the commercial property management team! Tim has been nothing but calm, responsive and professional in all out dealings since taking on the management of our properties. The last few years have thrown down some challenges and your expert knowledge, assistance and communication had been very much appreciated. Thank you Tim, Mathew and James!"

L Gorey

"Matthew Crowhurst ar Cayzer recently sold my small commercial property in South Melb. Everything was handled smoothly by Matt from the moment I decided to sell. His attention to every detail made it so easy. He kept me updated and there was no pressure. His advice was spot on."

B McClelland

"Our Property Manager has always been prompt in responding to any problems, forthright and friendly. The level of service was highlighted when she stopped working for our old real estate agent and started working for Cayzer. The drop in standards was precipitous. The owners of Graham Street must have felt the same as they switched agencies to Cayzer. We are going overseas and on our return we will definitely check with Cayzer for a new rental property. Thanks for the great service".

J.H. Port Melbourne

"My small commercial property has been rented out by Cayzer Real Estate for 20 years. Consistently they have provided diligent, respectful and professional service. This has allowed matters needing my attention to be resolved efficiently. I can recommend them with confidence."

Commercial Sales and Leasing

Our goal is to achieve the highest price for your property. Most importantly, we do this without compromising the genuine service ethic we're known for. That's just one of the reasons why we're considered the most reputable agency in the business.

Our results exceed expectations
At Cayzer Commercial, we base our listings on facts and trust, not merely quoting the highest price. Because of this, all our estimates are realistic. And, more often than not, our results exceed comparable sales by our competitors on a per-square-metre basis.
We put your property in front of the right people
Over the years, we've established a large and diverse list of potential purchasers, including occupiers, investors and developers. We know who to contact and we know how to make sure they notice your property.
We offer careful & considered advice
We study the market thoroughly. Depending on your property and the current market conditions, we decide whether to sell at auction, through private sale or expression of interest.
You'll receive a comprehensive proposal & sales plan
Your proposal will include a tailored marketing plan, comparable sales results and a detailed report on your property (including planning zone information). We'll also take you through the current state of the market, plus the sales target market and the basis for the price estimate.
Our marketing gives you complete coverage
As well as putting our extensive database into action, we advertise your property in all the major real estate websites along with property magazines and newspapers. We also email and cold-call potential buyers, create a promotional brochure and set up highly visible sales signage.
We keep you informed with weekly reports
To keep you up-to-date with the level of interest in your property, we provide you with a weekly progress report. You'll be able to see the number and type of enquiries we're getting for your property as well as any inspections and responses to the marketing.

Commercial Management

Our team is highly experienced, unswervingly thorough and fully informed. We know how to protect your interests, and how to help you get the most out of your property. In short, we're here to look after you and your investment.

We get back to you as soon as possible
When you own a commercial property, every minute counts. We understand this and we do our best to get back to you that same day.
All our accounting processes are transparent
An important part of our service is looking after the financial side of things for you. Firstly, we make sure we collect the rent on time and pay you promptly via electronic banking. We also pay the bills (such as council/water rates) if you’ve asked us to. Plus, we provide you with monthly and End of Financial Year statements.
We can handle complex legalities for you
The rules and regulations associated with letting a commercial property can be overwhelming. Be assured that we know and understand them. On your behalf we can oversee the statutory regulations and adherence to the Retail Act, Occupation Health & Safety Act and the Essential Services Act.
Our fees and market rents are highly competitive
We always make sure that our fees are competitive and we lease your investment in-line with the market. After all, we’re here to help you make a difference to your bottom line.
You can rely on our reports & inspections
At the start of the tenancy, we undertake a thorough inspection of your property and produce a highly detailed Condition Report. We also conduct a comprehensive property inspection every year, as well as mandatory inspections, such as essential services.
We attend to maintenance problems swiftly
Maintenance problems can affect your business, so it’s imperative we get them fixed as soon as possible. To help us get the job done quickly, we have an unrivalled list of trusted tradespeople.

Commercial Appraisal

At Cayzer, we can provide an appraisal for your commercial property, completely free of charge. It even comes with direct comparable sales evidence.