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Michelle Wergin masterfully manages the needs of landlords and tenants. Here she shows why she has earned accolades as a key member of Cayzer Rentals where attention to detail, genuine service and extensive internal process have resulted in one of the most impressive rent rolls in the district.

The Cayzer team's local knowledge comes not only from business, but most of the team live, work and socialise in the area. We are proud that our company is not franchised, nor is it staffed by agents who are based elsewhere.

Our property management department is a seamless operation. Our long-term staff follow set procedures to ensure consistency and reliable service. This means that even if a property manager is away on holiday or sick, all property managers are aware of what is happening with every property due to the detailed notes kept.

We keep owners and tenants up to date at all times with concise communication. We do rent reviews based on market conditions and complete detailed condition reports and regular routine inspection reports.

We are seeing a stronger demand for low maintenance living. There are more people living alone. There are shorter and more portable job tenures, and more emphasis is placed on eating out and leisure time. More people want apartment living.

Tenants have become more aware of their rights and their expectations are greater. For example, many want heating/cooling, built in robes, dishwashers and all modern amenities in their home, and they want things fixed and actioned straight away.

Landlords should choose an agent that is able to negotiate and act in everyone's best interests. The agent should have strong area representation, a good reputation and a history of representing landlords well, whilst having empathy for their tenants too.

The most effective way to rent a property is to keep it well maintained, with working amenities, and have it priced correctly. Dishwashers, sufficient heating/cooling, built in robes as well as correct property pricing in line with the current market, professional photos and timing of advertising all contribute to a successful advertising campaign to locate a tenant.

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