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Kicking (Lifestyle) Goals

If you find the right property – one that fits your lifestyle goals – don't wait. Auctioneer and Estate Agent Brocke Hambrecht explains.

I chose to work at Cayzer because there is not just one, but many staff members who have been with the business longer then I have been alive.
I felt that that rubbed off and shone through into the market. Cayzer is a company with a stellar reputation, it has the ability and understanding to adapt to the fast-paced property market and of course is the market leader.

The community might not be aware but the Cayzer team meet more buyers weekly than any other real estate business in the area. 

There is no excuse to not be able to supply accurate information at the push of a button.
We focus on quality communication with the Bayside market and in real-time. Selling a person's biggest asset is no task that should be taken lightly and for that reason we only put the best advice into the market place. 

There is no perfect time to buy or sell real estate.
The majority of vendors are selling to put their money into a better opportunity or to upsize or downsize. This means that when you buy and sell in the same market, it is just the numbers that change. If your property has risen 10% in the past 12 months there is a good chance that the property you re-invest into has also risen that much.

Lifestyle is the driving word when purchasing real estate.
Whether it be moving into the location or the property that fits the lifestyle you are looking for, or investing in something that is going to provide you great cash flow and capital gain to enhance your lifestyle later down the track.

When buying property, even if the property is an investment, you want to be sure that the numbers work out to ensure you don't damage your current lifestyle and or also ensure you enhance your future lifestyle.
If you find the right property don't worry about it being too soon. If you wait 6 months to find another just like it, then you are also paying the capital growth of that 6 months. If the property fits the lifestyle change your after then be prepared to buy.   

Properties sell themselves – it is an agent's job to represent the property and the seller in the best possible light in the market.
Which agency has the same values and ethics as yours? Which agency has the trust of the buying public and which agent has a clear plan and KPIs? With the internet, the best possible buyer is going to see your property no matter who the agent is, but what will make the difference is which agent can give the buyer confidence in paying a premium price.  

An auction is the most effective way to sell a property. 
It provides structure, a common goal and a sale by set date approach. Auctions are open and transparent and make the buyers beat each other for the property and not beat on the Vendors asking price.

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