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It's All About Good Relationships

Our business isn't about property - it's about people. Cayzer clients experience exceptional care throughout the business relationship and beyond. We like to think that everyone we deal with knows they matter, and the positive feedback we are receiving shows this certainly hasn't gone unnoticed.


Great relationships never end. After landlord Rupert moved back into his home, he was pleased to find that we'd taken care of his mail and utilities and left us a wonderful Google review.

“I would like to say how happy we were with the service provided by Cayzer and by Kate Beecroft, in particular. Always so prompt and professional, just a delight to deal with.”

This is not the first time Kate has received such a glowing report, from landlords and tenants alike. Having experience and expertise is how she makes it happen. She is a perfect example of a thorough and professional property manager, and proof that with Cayzer, you're always in good hands.


No matter how complex the situation, Andrew can manage the campaign and communications with ease. Sales with multiple owners can be tricky but Andrew deftly managed the very successful sale of a property owned by multiple parties, each with diverse viewpoints, to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Skilful negotiation combined with a focus on the vendors' best interests is just one of his strengths.

As a long-standing agent in the area, Andrew has many years of providing careful and attentive service for every kind of situation imaginable. Navigating the bumpy waters of the property market requires a steady hand - that's why our clients turn to Cayzer.


As an integral part of the Cayzer Commercial team, Tim manages the portfolios of many long-term multiple property owners. A longstanding commercial owner of 10 years recently had this to say:

"I have found Tim Ward's extensive knowledge of the Consumer Affairs laws to be exceptional, together with his ability to deliver professional services."

Knowing Tim as we do, and his positive attitude in dealing with every issue, we have to say we agree! There is a myriad of regulations to interpret and comply with and here at Cayzer all our staff are kept up to the minute with the latest legislation. Our combination of knowledge with a can-do attitude ensures your commercial property will always be properly managed.

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